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The User created levels is an option inside Amazing Alex that lets you to create new levels for the game and to share it inside the game for people around the world. The items for your levels have to be unlocked according your progress in the game.

User created levels[]

One of the features of Amazing Alex is the ability to create and share your levels. You can create a level by doing these 3 steps:

1. In "My Levels", create a level and complete it with 3 stars.

2. Move one or more items to the toolbox to create a puzzle.

3. Tap "Upload to Web"

Opening up new Gadgets[]

The new gadgets are unlocked as you proceed with the game. Here is how you open up them all:

Finishing Classroom: tennis ball, soccer ball, bucket, big box, small box, scissors, balloon, shelf and basket.
Mastering (3 stars on every level) Classroom: books.

Finishing The Backyard: straight pipe, curvy pipe, hook, bowling ball, scale, rope, spring, dart, skateboard, eight ball and slingshot.
Mastering The Backyard: punching fist.

Finishing Alex's Bedroom: magnet, metal ball, paper airplane, bumper, lamp shade, car, doll, wooden trapdoor.
Mastering Alex's Bedroom: pig.

Finishing The Treehouse: zip-line (pulley on a cable) and bouncy ball.
Mastering The Treehouse: helicopter.

Rovio created an entire database of all the levels that are shared online, with thousands of levels being added every day. There is a new featured level every day. For a selection of the best of the best, check out which levels the community plays and likes the most. You can even submit your own level for a chance to have it featured for everyone to see.

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