Balls are a type of spherical object in Amazing Alex.

Amazing Alex Balls

The Different Types Of Balls.

Types of balls:

Here are the different types of balls:

Bowling Ball - The largest ball. This all is large, blue, and has three holes in an upside-down triangle formation.

Pool Ball- The 2nd smallest ball. It is black with a white circle in the middle. The white circle has a black 8 on it.

Marble- Comes in blue and Grey colours. It is the smallest ball of all the balls. The blue ball can bounce.

Tennis Ball- The Third Smallest Ball. It Is Yellow With A White Curvy Line On It That Goes All Around The Ball.

Soccer Ball- The most popular ball. It is white with black pentagons all over it. It has black thin lines outlining the pentagons.

First AppearanceEdit

It appears first in level 1-1 (Playtime) as a soccer ball.

What it DoesEdit

These balls can roll on shelves. They can knock things down while rolling.