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The new game from the creators of Angry Birds, check out more here.

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The Classroom

The Classroom, the first chapter to solve in Amazing Alex.

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The Backyard

The Backyard, more fun and game at the second chapter.

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More features coming soon

Amazing Alex Wiki is on construction. Stay tuned for more surprises.

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Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex was released on July 12th, 2012 by Rovio Entertainment, the developer of popular multiplatform strategy puzzle video game Angry Birds. Quickly reaching number one on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store it became an instant success. Amazing Alex features over 100 levels, free updates, and user created content which can be uploaded and shared around the world. (Read more...)

Did You Know...?

From Amazing Alex Wiki's latest articles.

  • ...that the original name of Amazing Alex was Casey's Contraptions, and was a game created by Noel Llopis and Miguel Ángel Friginal.
  • ...that Amazing Alex has some educational purposes for children, that's why Rovio used colorful things to atract the attention of the kids.

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